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Walt Disney and Michael Jordon have one thing in common. they both initially failed. You may experience the same sensation in terms of generating a failure, when it comes to money from YouTube videos. You may be an instant success. It doesn’t take much more then tenacity, to get that money making website connection.   keep on making videos and don’t stop. Making money can be simple, if you’re getting millions of views. If you’re not getting millions of views, you can still make money easily, by becoming an affiliate. ClickBank offers hundreds of companies that will give you a commission on a variety of downloadable products. You can start out with your YouTube videos about a select product and your choice company will give you a nice commission , somewhere between 20% – 75% on every sale you make. the average price of a product is $37, although some products are around $97 or more. You don’t have to personelly purchase the products, to make money. Your affiliation gives you your sales link free. Take it a step further. Purchase your chosen product. Understand it and simulate your chosen product so, that you can keep all the profit. I’m not saying plagiarize. I’m saying find your own twist on a product and make it different so that you can legally keep 100% profit on every sale you make. Keep in mind that if you’re not that creative, you can make a whole lot of money still being on YouTube and doing affiliate marketing. You may have heard the expression “it’s a numbers game,” well it is marketing research that can tell you what people like. It’s called analysis. Do a search for “trends.” focus on that search and try to go with a combination of what you like as well what other people like. You’ll have a hit when you find that combination. It’s not enough just because everybody else likes a topic. You need that personnel passion thing to make your videos sustain interest month after month.

You need to like the topic as well as everyone else.  Things will naturally jell under that combination and you’ll be able to develop that money making website connection.  Make use of the search engine, when you need more knowledge of a topic. Don’t forget to interact with people and ignore any harassment. Only respond to positive comments. I know it’s tempting to bite back. I know that some people have nothing going for themselves, so they spend time being negative. It’s unbelievable, but true. do not oblige negative comments. The best thing to do is ban them and respond to only positivity. Turning the other cheek sounds corny but is the best course of action concerning your video comments. The negative comments of my video actually help my popularity. It’s crazy like that. Make sure you’re clean with no porn and your safe. Bikinis have been given permission, use good taste.



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