Promotional Strategy

Comment marketing is a thing some folk try to employ as a promotional strategy. First off is this. You should not be comment marketing. The term is rather misleading and I really don’t know if there is legitimately a term, as such.

The purpose of commenting should be and is for adding value to a discussion and not for spamming. This is where newbies make their blunder. The fact that readers will see your signature or link is a co-incidence. An alert Web site Moderator will not allow links in comments, unless it’s relevant to the topic.

Frankly I omit comments with irrelevant links on all of my sites, when I see them, for this reason. The purpose of whatever article is to inform readers about what ever chosen topic. Having a irrelevant link merely ads to all the confusion that’s already on the web. Suppose you were on a date, for the first time and went to an ice cream store for ice cream and some guy comes up to you and blatantly tries to sell you underwear they do that sadly in New York but never the less? Adding a link or spamming on a blog, forum or where has ever been the same thing.

What’s spam? For those of you who don’t know or fully understand, it’s actually putting things in front of people in their space, without their permission. To give you a better understanding I’ll give you an example on this site. Virtually every day someone pastes the same comment with their link to some retail clothes store. It’s ridiculous. I’m talking about YouTube and the internet and a dummy will post a statement about a pill prescription, out of nowhere. I merely delete it upon seeing it. The spammer wastes time trying to advertise irrelevant issues.

Promotional Strategy Should Be Relevant

A more intelligent course of action is to surf around and try to find a topic that you have knowledge of and make a comment. You will eventually grow in popularity over time. Your comments must be relevant and helpful. If you advertise immediately, then by all means find media pertaining to what you have. I strongly suggest starting your own blog, where you can blatantly advertise your stuff, the way you want to.

If you’re a relevant writer, You can make a little money carefully placing comments. There are companies that will pay you to make comments on the internet. You need to register. They ask the typical things, like your name and email address. It’s good to create a profile, just as you would on any social media site. You can upload your picture or little picture. The profile is suggested, however usually not compulsory. They’ll ask you to go to a particular forum and make at least 10 comments. After you make the post they’ll analyze your comment content. The first want to make sure you are writing intelligent comments, before they give you their commissioned job. In roughly 24 hrs you’ll get an email saying whether they accept or reject your comments. It’s really very simple.If you don’t understand how to make an intelligent comment and want to work as a comment writer. Do a Google search on the topic and learn.

Everyone wants to know how to get more traffic. The answer is more than one thing. There is no one answer aside from being consistent and relevant. I’m talking about organic targeted traffic, because that’s the best for a decent profit. You can always purchase traffic, but your profit is usually lost at the cost of the traffic. Then what do you do about competition? There’s an answer for all of that. Do you think I’m going to tell you everything here. You’re in for a mistake. I’ve just hinted on issues here, so that you’ll understand more about traffic generation and of course investigate more

Should you purchase ads on lists. Well, sometimes that actually works. I used to do that back in 1995, but after a while you’ll see the limitations. There is only a certain amount of qualified lists out there. Buying ad space is risky business. You always stand a chance of losing your face. Upon buying ad space on someone’s list, the room for advancement is limited. Yes every once in a while you can probably find a list that allows what you sell and you can profit, however it isn’t consistent. The solution to the limitations is having your own list. How is that done? List building is a science like boiling water. If you didn’t understand it, you would think that it’s magic or something bizarre. I highly suggest not to buy a list.

What is the best way of getting traffic to a site? I’ve found the best traffic is free organic traffic. All the experts know this and also realize it’s best to have other means of getting traffic as well, however free organic is noted as the best. How does one go about getting free organic traffic? There is a concept known as SEO. What is SEO? It stands for search engine optimization. We are now getting into a topic of much discussion, because most people want to have their interests optimized, but don’t really understand. Being seen as a worthy item is a much desired issue. I’m leaving the topic with the understanding that study of basic SEO is golden and it’s constantly changing.

Upon having your website, blog or whatever optimized or at least getting traffic, you need what we call conversion. Conversion is, when you get folk to do what ever it is that your prospects should do. You may want them to vote, make a comment,play a game, click what ever button (s), purchase something or what ever. Your prospect’s journey begins with what we call copy. Copy is the means of persuading folk to convert. So, you see your ideal promotional strategy consists of essentially a three step policy like this: (1.)viability,(2.) method,(3.) action with analysis. Viability is understanding the competition and how likely you can get your positioning. Your method is what mechanical means will you use. The action is actually doing what you set out to do. Just thinking about a plan won’t get anything done. You must actually do it, then analyze what you did.

How To Earn Money On YouTube Now

How To Earn Money On YouTube Now

by Mary Wosynsky

You can make loads of money or you can burn yourself out thinking about how to earn money on YouTube now. I’ve found it much better to make loads of money. The idea and desire are first on the list of things you should have. If you don’t have a burning desire to earn money on YouTube, nothing is likely to happen. One thing that many people over look is a four letter word and it’s called work.

You’ll need to figure out how you’re going to get paid. There are basically three options. You can be a YouTube partner and get paid pennies on the dollar or you can be an affiliate for one of the many companies available. The third option is the one I like. You can sell your own products or services and get 100% payment of the sales. Having your own product usually comes in time. People usually need time to get accustomed to marketing. For those of you who have your own information products and services, YouTube is an excellent way to get your prospect interested in what you have. Simply do a video which leads to your sales page.

Making a video is rather easy in my opinion. Maybe because I’ve been around cameras all my life. For those of you who think making a video is difficult, here are some tips. Hold the camera steady and press the button. How difficult is that? Another important thing is shoot the video in enough light. You need enough light shinning on your subject, for the video to come out decent. Try not to shoot video in a shadow when every thing else is broad daylight. Try not to shake the camera. Obviously, your video must be in a digital format, for uploading it to YouTube. Your video does not have to be long. It can be very short and interesting. Short videos get a lot of viewers. Make it short and sweet. You can make a long video, if you simply must. I don’t suggest long videos unless it is absolutely necessary. Slap a sales link in your YouTube description box. There are all sorts of things you can do for leading people to your sales link. Having a sales link is how big money is made.

YouTube can make money for you. It’s beyond a doubt one of the most incredible things to happen in this Century. My brother is older then me and remembers the beginning of television. That was a big deal back then. The coming of tv did not allow the viewers to make money. The internet is monumental today. Virtually anyone can earn a living creating video. who wants to actually work? That’s what it takes. The vast majority of people are caught up in the past and dependent upon a conventional brick and mortar type job. Brick and mortar is what we call the buildings that you go to and punch a clock. Those people continue to look up in the sky at the clouds, while the seeds of cyber industry are growing out of the creativity in our earthly minds. Take my words figuratively all though the imagery is profoundly true.

Learn two basic ways of making video. The first way to make video is to know a topic, have a camera pointed at you rolling and talk. The second way to create video is to make a narrated slide
show. This is where you can use practically any video editing program like Microsoft Movie Maker (found standard in Windows) or Power point etc. Get several jpeg or Gif pics. Put them into your editor, but first do your audio narration. Then you’ll have a source of reference. When the sound comes up on the time line, put a picture that’s relevant to the words spoken. save the complete story board as an AVI or Mov file and you now have video.

Now that you have your video, you’ll need to promote it. You need to put keywords and keyword phrases in your video description. The first entry should be your affiliate link. entering the affiliate link into your YouTube description area makes the link clickable by what ever prospects. It will be a clickable link. there are forms of promotion you should take advantage of. There’s article marketing that can go right along with any YouTube video promotion. It involves having your articles submitted to several article directories networking across the planet. The most important directory is Ezine Articles dot com. it is important because it is most prestigious and Google respects their integrity world wide, with out question. When you get a good rating with Ezine Articles dot com, you’ve reached a special level in promotional clout. With respect to search engine optimization (SEO), acceptance with in Ezine Articles dot com is rather stringent recent. It is however worth the effort to make a grammatically correct article about your video or have someone else do it for their submission. That’s merely a promotional tip. There’s more then one way to skin a fish. You can actually get YouTube traffic by being prolific. That means make hundreds of great video. Content is King. Make a whole lot of great video and don’t worry about a thing. People will love you, because everyone like to watch interesting things.

You need to join YouTube, if you haven’t already. It’s free. Think of what you want to make videos about and create a screen name. Remember your screen name can’t be changed. I don’t know why YouTube does that. I guess it’s for security reasons. Maybe if they allowed name changing, it would leave folk in jeopardy for robots and spyware. Once again, I don’t really know. Just remember you can’t change your screen name, so make a good one relevant to what you do. Try to make it easy to remember and simple. Don’t make a screen name like this: AndreaLox9e-2999. Obviously, that name is difficult to remember. How would you expect viewers to come back if they can’t remember your screen name. When learning how to earn money on YouTube now days, you don’t have to be super star. Almost anyone can make a living on YouTube. You can sell products and services.

How To Play Hip Hop Keyboard

YouTube For Dummies

Earn Income Online With YouTube

The basic Idea to earn income online with YouTube is a great idea. Hoe many people are doing this? The answer is a lot. If you can’nt find money on the web now days, then you really have a problem. It’s not as difficult as it used to be. My statement is contrary to what many so called experts are saying. Yes it’s easier now. It’s more easy to make money now because there are more companies requiring help as well as more companies giving help. We have the leiment of giving and taking.

On one end of the so-called food chain, we have a hosts of companies needing your personal human touch to an array of issues that must be done. Then on the other hand there are companies willing to do tasks if you’re willing to pay them. I will tell yoiu sincerely that many of rthe things only pay pennies, however the accumulation of pennies, turn into dollars. The dollars turn into hundreds and thousands, upon manipulatiing the cummulative effect. Yes there’s money available for those who can munipulate and I say that in the positive sense. Some of the manipulation is more easier then other ways. Once again I must stress the cause and effect concerning give and take. There’s really something on the market for everyone and if there is a void, you can fill in the gap with creativity. As a matter of fact the more creative you become, the more money you begin to make. The biggest problem in marketing is failure to obtain concise information.

How To Earn Money On Youtube Goes Deeper

How to earn money on YouTube goes deeper than pressing a button and money coming out of a machine, with fringe benefits. No, my dearly beloved reader friend. We are actually talking about a way of life. This multi-million + dollar phenomena has become a way of like, for those who are successful. With mobile units, the world has stretched out even further. Instead of waiting until you get home, you can have it while your on a bus, train, car, walking down the street, virtually anywhere on the planet and with in our atmosphere. It beats TV, by far. Folk can do as the slogan says ” broadcast yourself.” I love it. You now can actually broadcast yourself. The facility is there, however many don’t understand how to use so much easy power.

What would you do if everybody wanted what you have? Lets say almost everybody. That’s the power we’re talking about. How can you harness that energy is most likely your question. It begins with creating a video or series of videos. You don’t need a camera. That’s right amazing enough, you can do your entire video without a camera. Some of the most successful videos ever have been done without a camera. The narration concept work great, as it does not restrict the viewer to a person’s physiology. People respond to pictures and sound. The next technological frontier, in my opinion is smell and taste. We haven’t come that far yet, but sight and sound is enough to bring us to inspire taste and smell.

What is your topic about or what will your topic be about? What’s your favorite thing? Some of the best and I dare say most of the best video is about things the producer likes. Did you ever hear of a Hollywood producer doing a topic that he or she didn’t like? That just does not happen.

Complete focus and enthusiasm is a requisite for earning money on YouTube. Not only that. You must commit yourself for weeks into month’s, if you expect positive results. The element of consistent material, with relevance is the key factor in establishing a firm hold on YouTube. One or two videos usually is not enough. You’ll want to create several videos. How do you think any major publication obtained circulation? Is it because they published once or twice? No, major media abides by what we call “the cumulative effect” and you should as well. The cumulative effect is in all actuality compounding what you publish. In other words “create a lot of stuff.” Do many videos and or articles relating to your video.

Any and every moving force in our universe accumulates magnetism, upon being in motion. The faster and / or longer the motion, the more magnetism is accumulated. So, we’ve come to the understanding that you must make video and make a lot of it.

What are the tools used for video and is it expensive to do video?
No, it’s not expensive and you don’t even need a camera. You can do slide show presentations. They can be self contained shows or interchangeable with any camera shots. How much does it cost, to do a slide show? The cost can be zero. Google has a free slide show application. All you have to do is upload pictures to it and capture it with an application like, for example “Screen Cast O Matic.” Screen Cast – O – Matic is a free capture application that can capture what every you create on your slide show. Applications like that will allow you to save your work as a video file. They also allow you to narrate and ad audio. When I wrote how to earn money on YouTube goes deeper, this is what I meant. These are free things you can do. Consistently upload your work to YouTube

Hip Hop Keyboard on YouTube

Imagine, YouTube has come a long way. People are learning all sorts of things. Recently I’ve found a guy teaching folk how to play Hip Hop Keyboard on YouTube and I find it extremely interesting. It’s actually an introduction to a book being published on Amazon dot com.

Hip Hop is obviously now a legitimate art forma and has been for the past 20 or more years. I find it exciting and fun learning how to play the music from videos, recordings and literature found in this book. At the time of this writing the book has not yet been published, but my good friend Daddy Plugin is about to release it in just a few days, so I decided to let you folks know of it’s coming.
I got what they call a sneak preview of eCourse and find it exciting, because this guy traveled throughout the USA for years playing one night stands before the coming of Hip Hop. Unlike some of his colleges, he didn’t just stop there at the blues. Daddy Plugins, as he is known to the public has gone on from R&B and continued the cool legend into the realm of Hip Hop. Not only that, he’s making his work available on the internet and showing others how it’s done. This is highly relevant to making money on YouTube, as this is a guy making use of technology with and using traditional art. The Blues combined with Hip Hop was at one time impractical as the age gap and comprehension level was imbalanced at won time.

Hip Hop came in a wave on the streets of New York City when most people never thought it would make a difference. The crack epidemic took over the poor neighborhoods and there is and has been pandemonium. Music education became a thing of the past in most of the poor neighborhood public schools. Then the internet came and made a great change in the general scope of things.

All of this seemed like a strange era, but when you think about it. The people living in all times did not exactly know what was going to happen next. This is typical of any era. YouTube is now uniquely a place of education. We now have fashion and art evolving as technology is available to common folk.

What I saw of this book was an understanding of Funk, which is no a liberal word that describes a feeling that evolved over years of pain and joy. The ability to play music without using a sequencer is almost becoming a lost value. The kids don’t really care much about the doing anything other then pressing a button and reciting poetry. Daddy Plugin is capturing the best of Hip Hop by explaining where rhythm came from and showing how to play music again, without using a sequencer and explaining that sequencing is only an enhancement. He shows us how to Keep it real by focusing on the humane aspect of creating rhythm and playing it on the keyboard. This is all done via internet and YouTube is used as a vehicle for young Entrepreneurs to capitalize on the trend.

The eBook that is becoming available, at Amazon entitled “How To Play Hip Hop Keyboard (for beginners) by Daddy Plugin” is being advertised via YouTube. It serves as a prime example of what I’ve been writing about, in so many of my articles. Hip Hop Keyboard on YouTube is this guy’s vehicle to business and is a great example and template for you. No matter what business you’re in, adheres to advance cutting edge marketing concepts that I’ve written about in other articles. YouTube is now being used to make money by teaching music and this is a great example for marketers in other fields. You can teach virtually anything on YouTube and make money.

Balance is Key To Success

It’s amazing to find what happens after time. A campaign that looked like a disaster could be positive with just a little adjustment. Balance is key to success. The important thing to remember is not all niches are the same. Different niches have different characteristics. I can only give you general ideas, however you must take action and find out important information that is only exclusive to your particular niche. If you are selling baby bibs, theoretically that is much different from marketing boat rides. The two topics have things in common, however there are a lot of things not in common and you must look into the details.

It’s the details that will make the difference between success and failure. You must be detailed conscious. I’m referring to important details and not minute insignificant things, for the sake of being detailed orientated. This understanding usually comes after trial and era. Some of the greatest marketers miss important details. As the saying goes “ain’t nobody perfect.”

A successful marketing program evolves after carefully testing. The great so-called Gurus got to where they are because of paying attention to what was happening and what is happening. There is no easy way out. Sometimes when you least expect it, a program could tern out to sky rocket, because of a simple factor.

The basics never change. Things like the basic components of a marketing program never changes. You must offer something of importance, if you want people to take interest. All of the things that you probably heard about on other sites are valid. Being overwhelmed by someone else’s success can have multiple effects on your success. You can get inspired as well as frustrated.

There’s no need to get frustrated. If someone is having great success and you’re not, study what they are doing. It’s not always the the shiny object that is gold. You very well may have more potential then your idle.

Marketing takes stamina. One way I get over the trial periods of certain campaigns and I’m not bothered with testing is this. It’s the same way I cook in the kitchen. I don’t what water boil. I just turn up the heat and walk away. 4 minutes later, the water is boiling and I can make a pot of rice or tea.

It’s the same way with marketing. I make notes of what I did and set certain campaigns down and allow time to take it’s course. There’s no sense in w hatching water boil. Be all you can be, however go on to something else as one thing progresses.

I usually have backup plans with multiple campaigns and sites. Until you understand your different campaigns, it is wise to put them into effect and go on to something else. Just don’t stand there, do something else.

I usually have more then one thing going on, so that I won’t just be left waiting. Balance is key to success for real. When one thing does not transpire, I have something else to fall on. It’s like having a bag of tricks. Even the bank calls it balancing act.

Marketing Secrets Online

Everyone is virtually trying to do the same thing. They’re looking for marketing secrets online. It’s called a “gravy train.” That’s the train where you get gravy on your mashed potatoes while riding in first coach. They all want it, but who deserves it. Do you actually figure just because you decided that your’re special, that your entitled to Royalty and spender with out any work?

Who actually wants to work? Wait I hear silence and even feel silly asking that question. The answer is simple. Virtually no one wants to work. I even find myself being lazy. The weather doesn’t even happen without some sort of initial cause. I’m not getting into the big band theory or anything too deep, however consider the fact that certain people have been known to make it rain by dancing. The American indigenous people used to do “rain dances” and it worked.

If you want something to happen, you must get up of that thing and make it happen. Do you need a bow and arrow? I don’t think so.

You might begin with a pencil and paper and write out a barbaric plan. Then you can sophisticate it as you go along. You’ll probably be clumsy in the beginning. Most novice Entrepreneurs are. Did you ever sell lemon aid on the street? No? You can actually learn from the mistakes of others. You don’t have to do barbaric things. Google has a wonderful resource available free and it’s actually incredible. You can just do a search on a topic and come up with several results. Years ago you would have to go walk or ride to the Public library and get limited information. I remember traveling to New York City, just to get certain News Paper Publications. It was a big hassle, just to find out certain information. Now all you have to do is turn on the computer and it’s there. Don’t take this incredible resource lightly. You have no excuse with free advertising on YouTube.

One thing that confuses a lot of people is “information overload.” Just like a drug attic can overdose on drugs, you can actually over dose on information. It took me years of trial and era to realize that everything that’s shiny isn’t gold. Understanding the signs of success important. Just because Your next door neighbor drives a fancy car does not mean he or she is successful.

The signs of success happen in increments. Some times it can happen in increments of pennies and other times it can happen in increments of big checks. Don’t try to bit off more then you can chew. Yes you want 6 figures, however you won’t be able to handle that until you can handle one figure. If you can make one dollar, then you can successfully make two. Remember all things happen in degrees and in balance. One of the most important things you must deal with is being consistent in what ever program that you have chosen. If you’re looking for marketing secrets, then enter your email address in the form on this site and I’ll send you more specific about actually earning 6 figures or more if you’re serious. I’m not giving out marketing secrets online forever. It’s a limited offer.

Creative Hypnosis can work your plan

What do you do upon looking for ideas and you have a dead line? Yes. even if you’re working from home, there will be dead lines and timing is still important. One of the best things to do is to relax. A mind that’s all tensed up has little flexibility for thinking. You can meet that dead line, create that video writing or what ever, with a relaxed mind. Creative hypnosis can work your plan.

Yes, relaxing can be difficult for some folk. Alleviating stress, in today’s society is a major issue. Stress is an obstacle for any progressive person. No matter who or what you are, a level of stress is present. That level can be measured as you understand fear and anxiety. You may want an idea for a video or you may need something for article writing. Distraction and or fatigue can interact between your creative ability and your energy. Simple hypnosis can be the remedy for you.

There’s no need to turn yourself into a pumpkin or a rabbit. A simple creative trance can bring you to a state of creative bliss. I do it every day, although people around me sometimes think I’m nuts, I get the job done. Quietly talk yourself into imagining you are some creative wizard. Keep telling yourself that you are a creative genius will eventually send a signal to your subconscious. You are who you think you are.

There are several methods that begin with an object of concentration, like a pendulum. You can quickly go beyond talking to yourself and fixating your focus on an inanimate object. You can learn to quickly hypnotize yourself, because all of use do it daily. We tell ourselves to go to the refrigerator, bath room, open the door etc. Those things are accomplished daily through “self hypnosis.”

In other words, you need to slow down, relax and observe your own thinking. You are already hypnotizing yourself. Tell yourself to relax. Then tell your self to tell yourself things. So what, people may look at you crazy. You’ll get the job done, with a relaxed state of mind. Please remember hypnosis helps greatly when you’re dealing with positive truth.

Make use of your imagination. There are actually exercises you can do to increase your ability to imagine. Great thinkers understand that imagination over rules human will. Think about it. You can’t will something into existence unless you have imagination. You must organize before you actually have that thought to create.

How can you imagine better? The answer is a proven fact that more relaxation is key to a hypnotic state of being. Different levels of hypnosis allow the human brain to be moire productive. simply learn to talk to your self. A full stomach is not very conducive to such behavior. An empty stomach allows your mind to function at a high state. It’s quite natural, because food digestion is a serious bodily process. Tell yourself to relax and do what you tell yourself. After you are relaxed at one degree or another, you should be able to reach a state of mild trance or at least be able to rationalize what your goal is. This is not spooky. It’s a practical body function, just like washing your hands. Creative Hypnosis can work your plan.

Automatic Responder Email Marketing

Text marketing has a strong hold on the scene today. Statistics reveal fifty percent of today’s internet traffic is on mobile devices. This means people are using their telephones text messaging as they visit websites. Text messaging and text auto responders are the in thing today, however don’t neglect the fundamentals of all internet marketing. I’m presently talking about automatic responder email marketing. This has been the way of creating a list of names from the early marketing days and is currently still a valid part of any marketing campaign. It’s best to have both text marketing and email marketing, so that no one is lost in the mix.

It’s an estimated fact that that email marketing brings in $43 for every dollar invested, making it a highly valuable marketing channel. Yes it still works. Sales and leads can be measured by a simple analytic integration as well as branding and awareness. It can easily measured.

There are four basic steps to building a very successful marketing strategy. Step one: build a quality opt in data base and collect useful data. Step two: Send timely messages that are relevant to the subscriber. Step three: segment your database and step four send your messages with a backing of advanced technology and good isp relations.

Here’s a explanation of the steps. One utilize existing traffic coming into your website. Use double opt in mechanisms in order to insure quality data gets put into your data base. If you have anything of value, you’re already driving traffic to your website. People coming once may get to your site and never come again. Capture them, when they come to your website. Make it part of your existing website with a simple email subscribe field. Use an incentive, to get them to subscribe. Say something like “Receive a monthly news letter with information, secrets about what’s happening in this industry or topic” etc. You could say something like “Sign up for a news letter and receive information about products and services that your interested in.” Or you could say “Receive special promotions and discounts” etc. You can take those people capture them, send them an automated follow up email, confirm their subscription, send them another automated email instantaneously welcoming them and up selling them. In addition you can then send them a monthly email continually reengaging them in the process of your marketing campaigns.

I must stress what is called the double opt in. There’s something out there called spam bot. They scour the internet and look for single opt in forms and it will sign up for your email. You can get caught in a spam bot if you don’t us double opt in confirmation. If the bot enters your auto responder and receives a message with out confirmation your auto responder gets put on what is called a black list. Operating with out receiving a confirmation verification from the prospect is an example of poor automatic responder email marketing. Make sure that you include a message after your prospect enters their email address. This is call the confirmation letter, which includes a link for your prospect to click. The prospect should not get any other messages until they click your confirmation link. This insures they are the owner of the address that was put into the system. This also legally protects you as evidence should there be any question of you spamming. Remember to use the double opt in process I just mentioned and you’ll be fine.

The purpose of a confirmation is important

Money Making Opportunities On YouTube

It’s obvious. If you want to make money, you need to sell something of value. I see this written and spoken over and over, in money making opportunities on YouTube and virtually everywhere. We know this and it’s actually very elementary. But wait…What do you do, upon having something of value and no one knows or it doesn’t seem understandable?

The most logical assumption is, to convince folk of the value. Wait again…It’s not that simple. You could talk to some folk until you’re blue, in the face. Some folk are just dense in the head and not ready. Don’t waste time on trying to convince.

The solution is making your value available and understandable. The key word here is understandable. Yes, what you have may be understandable to you, however your prospect may not see the value. Don’t try to convince your prospect. You need to merely make it available. The old saying is “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.”
That summarizes the essence of e commerce today. Don’t worry. There are folk who would die to have what you have and are actually looking for you. You can learn more about what I mean later.

I see so many advertisements reading make money by creating a blog. It’s easy. This is misleading. Yes you can make money creating a blog, but it takes work. Are you willing to work? Most people want the easy way out. You don’t necessarily need a blog, although it could help. What’s the easy way out? Here’s the kicker, there is none unless you understand work ethic.

The biggest thing you’ll need is mindset. Without a positive long lasting mindset, you’ll go no where. Here’s the easy part. Once you have a positive mindset, the rest is easy.

It’s hard for some to get a positive mindset, because there are so many distractions disguised as well wishers. Often the people causing distraction will actually think they are a positive force. Yes it gets crazy.

Once you realize there is no boogie man and every thing can be used to your advantage, then you’ll be able to navigate your way over the rainbow and to the proverbial pot of gold. So called distractions can be used to your advantage. This comes from advanced knowledge and understanding.

Do you want wealth? Do you want serious long term wealth? Understand there is nothing more valuable then a focused human mind. People gain income and then lose it, just like the spring turns into winter. This happens all the time.

Money making opportunities are virtually everywhere. My position is to prepare you for the “journey.” Let me take you beyond just signing up, to what ever you’re in. I’m about showing you how to score big at what ever internet program you’re in. Finally understand how true wealth, with physical money and all the trimmings happens. You need a conditioned mind. It begins with a fearless giving spirit. Success comes, when you can put the pieces together. For a limited time I’m tutoring only a select few. Journey past the #1 problem of success and travel to the #1 solution for successful internet wealth. You can be on your way to earning a passive 6 figure income with in minutes! Enter your best email address now or
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